Finance Office


The CFO/Treasurer’s Office handles a great deal of the day-to-day financial functions of the District including payroll, insurance, purchasing, state and federal reporting, forecasting, revenues, expenditures, and investing. In addition, one of the most important functions of the CFO/Treasurer’s Office is to allocate adequate funding to all areas so that Liberty Center Local School District can offer children the best education possible.



Finance Office Personnel Contact Information

Kristin Bauman
Accounts Payable Specialist
phone:(419) 533-5011 (Ext. 5108)


Janice Freeman
Assistant to the Treasurer/Payroll Specialist
phone: 419-533-5011 (ext. 5107)

Jenell Buenger, Treasurer
phone: (419) 533-5011 (Ext. 5100)





5 yr Forcast

Please Follow the link below to access Liberty Center Local School's five year forecast. After clicking the link select Find Forecast by District Name. On the next page type in Liberty Center and hit the search button, you will see that our school district comes up. Now click on the generate forecast button and you will have a new tab that opens in your browser with the Five Year Forecast.


Millage Calculator

To use the Millage Calculator enter your value amount into the Home and CAUV box. Next, hit the calculate button and you will see you results in the box next to the Calculate Button.


          Be sure to use CAUV value for acreage.  If your home and acreage is together in one parcel, use CAUV value for land and improvement value for house. To find these values you will need your most recent real estate tax bill from the County Treasurer.
         If you do not have the tax bill, the go to the Henry County Auditor Real Estate website at click under Quick links, Real Estate Inquiry.

Millage Calculator

Enter your Home or CAUV Value here $: (e.g. 100000)
Estimated annual cost of the 8.4 Millage: $