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Preliminary Site Work:  August 15 – August 21

The installation of approximately 400 feet of sanitary sewer line was recently completed from Young Street to the current bus barn area.  This will be the main sanitary sewer line running from the new building.  

As of September 1st, the removal of trees from behind the bus barn and the elementary school is almost complete.  The removal of the trees is necessary as the new school, bus parking, service and delivery entrance, new bus garage, as well as the fire lane to the west of school, will be situated where a majority of the trees previously grew.   As many viable trees as possible will be left on the west side of the property for future land labs for the science classes in all grades.  

Early Site Work:  October 1 – December 10th

Beginning in late September/Early October, the drive will be constructed on the property recently purchased by the school district on the north side of the current bus barn.  The majority of construction equipment will travel through this drive.  After the construction project is completed, this drive will be the main entrance and exit for the district school buses.  It will also be used for service entry and exit.

Also during this same time the current bus barn will be removed.

Additionally, the early site work will begin on the building pad.  During this segment of the project crews will be working to level the ground directly behind the current elementary school, preparing the area for the schools cement footers. 

A construction fence has been erected around the project.  Please do not attempt to go past the fence onto the construction site.  Safety is important, and a construction site is to be respected.  For your safety, please do not attempt to enter the construction site without prior approval. 

As the early site work is being completed, the architects, with the cooperation of the building principals and staff members, are meeting to discuss the details of the design development of the entire project.  Previous meetings with staff have provided architects with a variety of feedback concerning many aspects of the overall project.  At this stage the plans are being finalized, and the continued feedback of the entire staff is important for the final outcome of the project's design.

Design development is scheduled to be complete by mid-December.

A groundbreaking ceremony will be scheduled next spring to commemorate the beginning of the actual construction phase of the project.  

If you have any questions concerning the construction project, please feel free to call Superintendent, Tod Hug.  419-533-5011, ext. 1200.

Site Prep

The video and pictures under the site work sub-tabs were taken by Mr. Ressler, HS English and Yearbook advisor with the School's Drone.

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